Food For Thought: Astronaut or Zoologist

Today on Food For Thought, we want you to look into the past and evaluate your progress. Whether you’re still in school or well into retirement, we want to hear from you!

Not all things you want to do as a kid turn out to be great ideas (read: dinosaur wrangler). Divulge your childhood dream job-  have you achieved it or are in the process? If not, what are you now?

Food For Thought: Stuck in Stubborn

Here at SoulPancake we like hearing from our fans. So we’re introducing “Food For Thought,” daily interactive questions for you- yes, you- to ponder on and answer. Here’s our first post!

Sometimes we make things difficult for ourselves. (carrying all grocery bags in one trip, anyone?) Even when it could be easier by changing one thing. What’s the one thing you make harder for yourself?

We have a ton of good ideas coming up, so let us know if you like this format! Any other suggestions?