Food For Thought: Stories in Fabric

Today on Food For Thought, we encourage you to overhaul your closet, dig through those ratty T-shirts and broken shoes, and turn back time. Go forth and reminisce all within the safety of your closet!

Clothing often go into closets and never come out (angsty teen phase was rough, guys). Still, every piece of clothing tells a stories. What’s the oldest item in your closet? How it found its way into your home?

Food For Thought: People Through Objects

Today on Food For Thought, we want to learn what makes you- well, you! From cappuccinos to a personalized hello kitty guitar, some items just represent who we are without us even realizing.

Most people require certain things that are necessary for their life: morning coffee, new episodes of Game of Thrones, their computer, etc. List the five must-have things crucial to your life. Is it different than what you might have thought initially?

Food For Thought: Smelling Memories

Lately SoulPancake has been interested in the past and its affect on us in the present. Today on Food For Thought, we want our followers to recall those important memories and how we remember them today.

Certain smells can make us stop in our tracks and reminisce.. or run the other way. From coffee to Chanel No. 5, what’s the signature smell that just gets you? Does it bring back an important memory?