Sometimes we forget how comforting the small things in life can be. In this case, socks! With cold weather and winter slowly creepin’ all up in our bizz, we decided to give the socks that were so kindly donated from #socktober to the kindhearted people of Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. Watch Aija give ‘em a show and goodie bag of food and socks. Just a small gesture that totally brightened everyone’s day, including yours in a few minutes! Without further ado, enjoy your socks off! (we’re so punny ^.^)


Street Art Project by A Common Name

This year I have been working on a street art project around the Los Angeles area. Rather than using traditional paint or wheat paste methods in a 2D platform, I’ve been using paper in 3D. These sculptures come in all sizes and fit in the holes of buildings and pipes found while walking around. The finished shapes represent geodes, crystal, quartz, or any mineral formation that you would normally find in nature, now in our planned out cities.

A parallel aspect of these “geodes” in nature and in the city is they are always unexpected treasures. You might go hunting for treasures but you generally happen upon them during your adventures or casual interaction with the environment. I enjoy the fact that many people will not notice these, but some astute people will; that these will not last forever and the weather will affect them as naturally as it might in nature. So far I’ve made twelve—several have been trashed or taken away, and one has fallen apart due to rain.