Food For Thought: Let it Go?

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake wants to talk to our fans about letting it go- no, we’re not talking about the song from Frozen- but, rather getting rid of our mental baggage. What’s the biggest hurdle you need to overcome?

Sometimes it’s hard to forgive and forget. We hoard onto memories and continually let them affect us. What’s one thing you’re holding onto that you should let go? 

Food For Thought: The Meaning of Family

SoulPancake’s series “The Science of Happiness” recently paired up with the release of Zach Braff’s new movie Wish I Was Here to make a video about the importance of families. No matter how big or small, families have a different meaning to everyone and we want to hear about yours!

In honor of SoulPancake’s awesome new video about families, we wanted to celebrate all the different variations of families in the world. From a strong support system to constant giggles- what does family mean to you?

Food For Thought: Guiding Relationships

In today’s installment of Food For Thought, SoulPancake recognizes the importance of the lasting bonds people create and nurture.

Your camp counselor helped you learn responsibility, Maya Angelou guided Oprah through her career- being a mentor is a huge responsibility, but the results and feeling of having helped someone are totally worth it. When have you been a mentor/mentee?

Food For Thought: Rules of Life

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake wants you to think about how we wander through our day to day lives. From the rules your momma taught you to the ten commandments- how do you govern your actions?

There are some rules for life that people just instinctually know. We make choices based off of rules that we’ve learned from others and through experiences. What are some unspoken rules you live by?

New video! 

What’s the best way to deal with becoming a member of the family to the leader of the family? Studies show that within days of becoming a parent, the neurons in your brain can rewire themselves to make you a better caregiver. // Here’s a special episode of The Science of Happiness featuring the new film, Wish I Was Here out in theaters July 18th!

Food For Thought: Discontinued Memories

Today on Food For Thought, the SP team thought out of the box- well, more out of present day. Tell us what your childhood was like and what you crave the most from when you were a wee young lad/lass.

Everyone was a child at some point in their lives and at that age there were some things that could just not be replicated or replaced as we got older. It could be a person, discontinued candy, or even the freedom from summer vacation. What’s the thing you miss most from your childhood?

A Message from the SoulPancake Offices: Kid President, Meditation, and Tinder… wait, what?

Hey Tumblr!

Everyone’s favorite (or at least a close second) Youtube Channel here with a weekly update. We’ve had some exciting online releases this week and a brand new TV show premier! Everything’s been a party around here lately and we want you to join us. Here’s a quick recap of the week with love from the SoulPancake office:

First things first, Kid President spread a whole lot of AWESOME this week with the first episode of Kid President: Declaration of Awesome!! Jam-packed with guest stars from Corndog Jones to Kevin Costner, KP finds out what it truly means to be a superhero.  

If you missed it (who would?) or just wanted to re-watch KP (who wouldn’t?), the episode can be found here. This Saturday, the second episode airs at 7 EST!

In more YouTube related news, “Have a Little Faith” just (like, 20 minutes ago- go check it out) released a follow up video to Zach’s visit with the Self Realization Fellowship. In Zach learns to Meditate, the host had the opportunity to meet with a Monastic and learn how to meditate!


From topics ranging from just friends to the secrets of intimacy, “The Science of Love”, has tackled so many different topics that it just made sense to talk about finding love in the 21st century. And so we made a video about Tinder!  This new app is growing so fast- we knew we had to set up an experiment about it, but, of course, with a classic SoulPancake twist.

Cheers, Pancakers! 

SP Team

Food For Thought: Stories in Fabric

Today on Food For Thought, we encourage you to overhaul your closet, dig through those ratty T-shirts and broken shoes, and turn back time. Go forth and reminisce all within the safety of your closet!

Clothing often go into closets and never come out (angsty teen phase was rough, guys). Still, every piece of clothing tells a stories. What’s the oldest item in your closet? How it found its way into your home?

Food For Thought: People Through Objects

Today on Food For Thought, we want to learn what makes you- well, you! From cappuccinos to a personalized hello kitty guitar, some items just represent who we are without us even realizing.

Most people require certain things that are necessary for their life: morning coffee, new episodes of Game of Thrones, their computer, etc. List the five must-have things crucial to your life. Is it different than what you might have thought initially?

Food For Thought: Smelling Memories

Lately SoulPancake has been interested in the past and its affect on us in the present. Today on Food For Thought, we want our followers to recall those important memories and how we remember them today.

Certain smells can make us stop in our tracks and reminisce.. or run the other way. From coffee to Chanel No. 5, what’s the signature smell that just gets you? Does it bring back an important memory?

Food For Thought: We Have to Go Back

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake want to hear about your childhood. Your time as a wee little human was filled with both good and bad memories. Looking back now, is there one that stands out? Tell us about it!

Share your childhood memory- we want to hear it! You know, that time your babushka taught you how to make the perfect piroshki or that time at your birthday party and Emily M. and Emily C. both lost a tooth (no? just me then…). Is there a particular memory that represents your childhood?

Food For Thought: 5th Time’s the Charm

Today on everyone’s favorite SoulPancake online activity: Food For Thought, we ask you to think on the failures in your life. Were you able to overcome those struggles? If not, did you learn something from them?

Sometimes it take more than once to be successful- the second attempt at the SAT, the third driving test. When have you had to try, try, try again to get what you want?

Food For Thought: Reinventing the Wheel

On today’s Food For Thought, we’re looking for the inventors inside all of us. Start your creative thinking, pick your object, and share with us your new invention!

We all know life hacks: inventing new ways to use boring objects. Be your own inventor and imagine other uses that stapler could have. What’s one unlikely object you think could have a totally different use other than its intended purpose?