Food For Thought: Work Out or Chill Out

Today on Food For Thought, we want to know just what calms you down after a stressful day. Some people prefer to relax, other head to the gym. What’s your’s? Let us know in the ask below! 

A long bubble bath, chamomile tea, reading a book, a quick yoga session or maybe even some kickboxing classes- figuring out what settles you down helps a lot in the long run. What do you do to calm down?

Food For Thought: Corn Dog Jones to the Rescue!

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake wants to figure out why villains won’t use their powers for good! Instead of fighting with the Avengers all the time, why can’t Loki just conjure up batches of cupcakes everyone? Or even Cruella Deville, why couldn’t she open up a dog shelter instead? Let us know your thoughts!

Sometimes the silliest superpowers can make a big difference. Kid President’s power? He’d no doubt bring corn-dogs to everyone. What would be your superpower?

Food For Thought: Lessons from Yesterday

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake wants to hear about your day. Well, to be precise, your yesterday! Everyday we can learn from our experiences and change how we do things because each day is a fresh start. 

Maybe yesterday you rescued a family of kittens. Maybe yesterday you marathoned an entire season of Battlestar Galactica. Even if your yesterday was normal, SoulPancake thinks that each day teaches us something new. So, what did life teach you yesterday?

Food For Thought: Hail and Rainbows

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake wants our fans to go outside and discover the world around them. From surprise waterfalls to terrifying hurricanes, nature is unpredictable, scary, and beautiful all at the same time. 

While some people might love long walks on the beach and sunny days, others might prefer hail and building a family of snowpeople. What is your favorite aspect of nature?

SoulPancake and The Streamy’s: An Award(s) to Remember

Hey SoulPancake Fans,

Just wanted to give all of you a heads up that we submitted several series into this year’s Streamys! 


We think SoulPancake’s YouTube series deserve some awards, but do you think we do? If you do (and who wouldn’t) all it take is a couple of clicks!

Creator submissions are now closed, but we have until SUNDAY, AUGUST 3RD for Fan Nominations to go through — basically, the community (AKA you guys!) can nominate our series. Ultimately, the series with the most nominations become an automatic entry into the nominees list.

It’s simple- click on the links (as many times as you want), press submit, and with each nomination, SoulPancake will climb the ranks of YouTube Channels and creators. 

Below are the categories part of the nominations:

SoulPancake; as a channel

Subject: Kids and Family  

Subject: Health and Wellness 

Subject: News and Current Events  

Subject: Science and Education

Kid President; as a series

Subject: Kids and Family 

Subject: Health and Wellness  

Subject: Science and Education

Special: First Person 

Science of Love; as a series

Subject: Kids and Family 

Subject: Science and Education  

Special: First Person  

Have a Little Faith; as a series

Subject: Kids and Family  

Subject: Health and Wellness  

Subject: Science and Education 

Special: First Person  

The Impression Guys; as a series

Performance: Actor in a Comedy - Jim Meskimen  

Performance: Actor in a Comedy - Ross Marquand  

The Fatherhood Project; as a series

Subject: Kids and Family 

Subject: Health and Wellness  

Share the links with everyone you know!

Learn more here at the streamy’s website and let us know if you have any questions!

Food For Thought: A Home Base for Creativity

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake wants to see where our fans go where they’re at a creative standstill. Let us know your calm place (if it’s really secret you can tell us your second favorite).

Artists wander museums, writers inhabit coffee shops, athletes watch games of their favorite professional players- where do you go to find inspiration?

Food For Thought: Motivation Station

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake is changing things up and turning the tables on you guys! Instead of us inspiring you, do you think you can inspire us? Let’s see what you’ve got!

Motivational quotes have the power to get us through pretty much anything: a session at the gym, a rough week, even a back breakup. What’s the quote that you dig out when you’re feeling down?

Food For Thought: Let it Go?

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake wants to talk to our fans about letting it go- no, we’re not talking about the song from Frozen- but, rather getting rid of our mental baggage. What’s the biggest hurdle you need to overcome?

Sometimes it’s hard to forgive and forget. We hoard onto memories and continually let them affect us. What’s one thing you’re holding onto that you should let go? 

Food For Thought: The Meaning of Family

SoulPancake’s series “The Science of Happiness” recently paired up with the release of Zach Braff’s new movie Wish I Was Here to make a video about the importance of families. No matter how big or small, families have a different meaning to everyone and we want to hear about yours!

In honor of SoulPancake’s awesome new video about families, we wanted to celebrate all the different variations of families in the world. From a strong support system to constant giggles- what does family mean to you?

Food For Thought: Guiding Relationships

In today’s installment of Food For Thought, SoulPancake recognizes the importance of the lasting bonds people create and nurture.

Your camp counselor helped you learn responsibility, Maya Angelou guided Oprah through her career- being a mentor is a huge responsibility, but the results and feeling of having helped someone are totally worth it. When have you been a mentor/mentee?

Food For Thought: Rules of Life

Today on Food For Thought, SoulPancake wants you to think about how we wander through our day to day lives. From the rules your momma taught you to the ten commandments- how do you govern your actions?

There are some rules for life that people just instinctually know. We make choices based off of rules that we’ve learned from others and through experiences. What are some unspoken rules you live by?

New video! 

What’s the best way to deal with becoming a member of the family to the leader of the family? Studies show that within days of becoming a parent, the neurons in your brain can rewire themselves to make you a better caregiver. // Here’s a special episode of The Science of Happiness featuring the new film, Wish I Was Here out in theaters July 18th!